Here's just a small sample of the amazing projects I’ve been fortunate to be involved in.

Connecting people to people and people to place


Creating the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for this annual festival which attracted over 20,000 people last year. Currently working on The Opus, ‘HOME- A Place of Belonging’ featuring a song cycle composed for the Ephemera Choir.



performing with david helfgott

We have a unique collaboration - where classical meets contemporary. Touring and performing with David has been an absolute privilege. He is a virtuoso and a beautiful being. An added bonus - our sold out concerts have been able to raise money for many charitable organisations. We continue to create and perform together, so keep an ear out for our up coming shows…our next one is May 4th at Avoca Theatre.




An interdisciplinary installation that encompasses music and visuals for film, dance and theatre. ‘Haiku’ was designed as an honouring to the fragile ecology of nature and human life. I wanted to bring modern and ancient together, wrapping it up in eastern music modal systems. It took me 3 years to develop it, and spanned working in Paris, Japan and Australia, working closely with dancer Kathryn Puie. What a great project this was!


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