I’m an eclectic woman of the world, growing up as a classically trained pianist, listening to Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Diversity has always been at the heart of my creativity, learning any instrument I could get my hands on, and falling deeper in love with music and all its facets. With a dash of Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson I dived deeper and further… composed music, performed music, and collaborated with many musicians to evoke powerful emotions, lifting the human heart and soul.

I have a foot in both worlds of research and practice, channeling my creative energy into academic achievement with a Doctorate of Creative Arts, Masters of Research (Music) and a BA Contemporary Music.

I have a fascination with ancient cultures from around the world, and I love travelling the planet, collaborating with a wide range of creatives.


I am a composer and sound artist specialising in film, TV, dance and theatre. My compositions have been broadcast on national television networks as well as internationally. I’ve worked for the BBC as a composer and music consultant on projects in London, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Burma. The Australia Council, APRA, The Ministry of the Arts and the Multicultural Arts Alliance have awarded grants in support of my music, and I’ve received numerous industry awards, including the 2015 APRA award for composition for my orchestral work ‘Haiku’ and a Celebrating Diversity Grant awarded from Multi-cultural Arts, NSW.

I’ve recently completed a doctorate in creative arts, my research focusing on “The Search for The Artistic Moment”, the moment that goes beyond time and personality, through creative endeavours.

I believe in making a difference through strategic partnerships and for that reason, I’m on the board of directors for the Australian Guild of Screen Composers and on the committee for Gender Equity for screen composers.


My goal in life is to leave this planet a more beautiful place than I found it through music and art.

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