Artistic Statement

There are things we say in music, image and dance that we cannot say with words. 

I am interested in creative work that fills the silence of our differences, with the music, images and dances that express our shared experience. 

I am in search of the Artistic Moment. The moment when the Artist and the work becomes one, the work flowing uninterrupted by reason or doubt with what appears to be a life of its own. When this happens at scale, with collaboration at the core of the process, the silence is filled with a profound understanding of our commonality.

Pursuing the Artistic Moment requires an understanding and constant exploration of the fragility and power of the creative process.  My practice investigates and analyses the processes that can be used in recording, rehearsal, performance and installation to create the context in which the Artistic Moment manifests. 

I have developed improvisatory, cross-cultural and inter-media practices informed by my experience as a musician, composer, conductor, musicologist and visual artist. But, I have learnt that for all the rigour of my practice, it must also be porous. I must listen, respect and respond to collaborators even as it brings a fragility, a vulnerability to my work.

As a creative director and composer, I have come to understand my role as that of the navigator. I am the map. I point the way but always leave room for each collaborator to find their own unique path through the work. 

I have come to see myself as a border crosser, being driven by a search for a place where I can be (as Takemitsu says)  a ‘cultivator of infinite time’ producing a sound and vision that goes beyond transitory time-based art, into a multi-disciplinary space that invites the audience and performer to dig deeper into a creative context that seeks to connect us all, through the power of music and art.

This is a 10 minute clip, encapsulating my search for the Artistic Moment in 3 different projects, Ancient Land, Haiku and Latitude 33.